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[Dec. 11th, 2006|09:17 am]
Elephant Deodorant!


[Noise |(the) Sounds]

I have discovered that my shoulders like to click. :s
(on a side note I think doing all this drawing lately is really doing my arms in. my shoulders are basically in constant pain and I have to flex my arms all the time and etc whining about crap. but there's nothing else to do when you're up all night so screw you arms.)

oh wow this comic is terrible. terrible! pay more attention next time fabio. what's meant to be happening: mousie listening to some awesome grooves. more listening. frankie elboys him in head and steals headphones. they are in a music shop listening to music on one of those headphone thingies. frankie is mean. the end.

hey I never said the colour would be any good. (I still haven't beat the rubik's cube aeri got me...eons ago. >_>)

oh my god I'm sick of this blue paper. I may just skip straight to green. the blue is so ugly. I hate blue.


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