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No comics today. Animations instead!… - Elephant Deodorant! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Elephant Deodorant!

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[Dec. 30th, 2006|04:12 am]
Elephant Deodorant!


[Place |Bravery]

No comics today.

Animations instead!

http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/blink.swf - My first try at squash/stretch. (This is somewhat my new animation character. He's fun! Needs a name too, any suggestions?)
http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/haiii!.swf - Testing testing, 1 2 3. This is a good example of why not to use the first technique here - it's shite! :)
http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/inbetweens.swf - A bad example of why inbetweens are important/what they are. This is how you do smooth animation - I started off with the first one, then spaced apart all the frames, put onion skinning on and drew the phase inbetween the two shots. Then did the same process again with the one with inbetweens. You just build it up more and more and more.
http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/kk,kjjk.swf - Don't animate when extremely tired. (Same character.)
http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/lkjkji87uy.swf - Same as aabove. (Except not same character.)
http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/walkies.swf - This is how he walks.
http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/mouthy.swf - This is how he talks.

http://rubik.dragoncity.net/06/flash/eye.swf - Urmmm I should finish this but I'm kinda not in the mood anymore. I know what happens next so I'll finish it one day. :s This spawned from a comment about eating corn from whalekid and then I made up crap as I went along! As with all of my animations.